Supeco Morocco Offers, Catalogs and Promotions | May 2024

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About Supeco

Supeco is a part of the Carrefour group and is operated by CFAO Retail. It was first brought to sub-saharan countries back in 2019. It is present in many countries like Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Brasil, and Morocco. Supeco is currently running 16 stores in Casablanca, which are open 7 days a week from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Supeco catalog

Supeco’s monthly catalogs offer a variety of food products and home appliances such as blenders and air fryers with the cheapest prices and good quality. You can find the current and upcoming Supeco catalogs on the website.


Save money at Supeco by keeping an eye for the upcoming catalogs. You can check the website as well, or simply reach out to them on Whatsapp to be up to date and receive all the recent offers.

Frequently asked questions :

What is the last Supeco catalog you have?
We make sure to update our catalogs every time Supeco publishes a new one. Thus, we have the Supeco catalog from 25 April 2024.
How to browse the catalog of Supeco ?
To browse the Supeco catalog in Cata, use the pagination at the top of the catalog to browse each page.
How to make sure to find Supeco products in the catalog?
Supeco products appearing in the catalogs are in limited availability. Then be sure to visit a Supeco store as soon as a new catalog releases.
What is the phone number for Supeco?
If you need help with a purchase or need customer assistance, you can contact Supeco directly by dialing their phone number: 0623360362

Latest Supeco Offers, Catalogs & Promotions :

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